BlackBerry Torch Mobile Review | price in india| Features | specifications | cost | price | colors

BlackBerry Torch Mobile Review | price in india| Features | specifications | cost | price | colors

A new mobile device, BlackBerry Torch has been launched by Research In Motion (RIM). This new handset from BlackBerry is aimed to make a great competition with the Apple iphone and is priced around $199.99 with a two-year contract about the same price as an iPhone. This new BlackBerry Torch is launched in the United States by AT&T Inc, the same carrier that has exclusive US rights to the iPhone.

As per the trade reports, this new BlackBerry Torch does not represent a major advance but that its consumer-friendly features were enough to help RIM to catch up to rivals. This new Torchs success will depend on how heavily it is promoted by AT&T and this new handset will help RIM compete with rivals such as iPhone and Google Incs Android software, used in phones from several vendors including Motorola Inc.

BlackBerry Torch, with a touchscreen and slideout keyboard uses a revamped operating system and has a faster and easier-to-use Web browser. The new BlackBerry 6 operating system also offers an inbox where users can access updates from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in the same place as their emails. BlackBerry Torch users can type messages on the screen or a slide-out keyboard.

One of the new features RIM touted in this new BlackBerry Torch is the ability to search any application, media content or contact by typing a word on in Torchs “universal search” function. It also comes with a 5-megapixel camera with a flash and a built-in GPS for location-based applications.

Until now, BlackBerry has been the gold standard for corporate and government customers because of its speedy, secure email service, critics said it needs a big overhaul to expand its popularity beyond business customers. And for the success of BlackBerrys new mobile device, Torch, the makers have to hinge on RIMs ability to convince software developers to create applications for the device.

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