How IGCSE prepares students for the IB Diploma

Worldwide Indian International School aims to provide children with a global education. The program is designed to prepare students for short-term and long-term success. The IGCSE provides a strong foundation for the IBDP for the following reasons:

IGCSE is an internationally recognized IBDP curriculum:

Both the IB DP and the IGCSE are internationally recognized programs of excellence. The IGCSE teaches students to think globally. IGCSE “Global Perspectives” teaches students to perceive the world through a linked and multicultural perspective. The IGCSE encourages students to question and examine their own theories. These skills benefit IBDP students, which require critical and analytical thinking.

IGCSE Subject Set IBDP Courses:

IGCSE courses are divided into five categories and students are required to take seven subjects. Students can choose courses that match their career interests and ambitions. These studies also underpin the IBDP courses. Students must take one course from each of the six IB subject groups. Students take three standard level and three higher level courses based on their aspirations.

IGCSE emphasizes depth:

The IGCSE is a two-year curriculum. The in-depth study helps them understand and implement the principles. They create lasting connections with the topics presented, preparing them for future study and work. The IBDP requires students to conduct in-depth study and research. IB DP students must show initiative and go beyond the curriculum to expand their knowledge and understanding.

IGCSE and IBDP use external exams:

IGCSE students are required to complete external tests in grade 10, which is good practice for external assessments in grade 12 of the IB Diploma Programme. In IGCSE, the assessment assesses the student’s knowledge and skills. Help students manage their time and understand exam instructions. IGCSE students become more accustomed to external exams and often approach IB DP exams with more confidence.

IGCSE and IBDP offer students a strong academic curriculum while emphasizing skill development and critical thinking.

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