Growing Trends in Injection Molding

What Are The Latest Trends That Are Happening In The Injection Molding

What Is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing method used in the production of plastic products. This process produces various items ranging from disposable goods to much higher precision engineering elements. So how does injection molding happen? In this process, the plastics, which are in granular forms, are melted first. Then, when it becomes soft, the plastic will be injected to fill a mold. Nowadays, injection mould manufacturers in India do molding in an environment-friendly way. As a result, injection molding companies have made the production of plastic parts quite easy.

Different Injection Molding Trends

Here are the different trends happening in the injection molding industry.

  • Injection Using Foam

It is quite important to use the latest injection molding trend if the manufacture wants to gain structural rigidity and high resistance in the final product. Injection using the foam method leads to superior chemical resistance and thermal isolation. Such injection molding process is commonly used in the production of light vehicle parts.

  • Micro Injection Molding

Micro molding is the process of manufacturing molding parts at a microscopic level. It is astonishing to believe that huge machines can make items such as a phone case or a key chain. Now, with micro-molding, machines can manufacture things on a microscopic level. They can also produce things smaller than the microscopic level if demanded. In micro-molding, the chances of errors are very small, and if so any error happens, it can be analyzed easily. Many of our daily use products, such as watches, etc., are products of micro injection molding.

  • Injection Molding With Gas

In the injection molding process, the most commonly used gas is Nitrogen. The plastic is injected into the mold with the help of the pressure from the gas. When the pressure pushes the plastic material, the mold parts get filled. Because of the effectiveness of pressure-assisted molding, the plastic industry has gained more success.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

  • Eco-friendly Materials

For entrepreneurs and manufacturers, ecological materials are an important component and social concern. Instead of developing plastic materials that can harm the environment, manufacturers are opting for eco-friendly materials. Thermoplastic materials can easy to recycle too. Therefore, the usage of eco-friendly materials has become a new trend in injection molding manufacture.

  • Multi-Component Method

In this process, the material can be made with various colors. A mold with different textures, shapes, and colors is more advantageous as it makes the parts more strong and has a great chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance. Under this method, different materials are combined for the production of high-quality plastics.

  • Robotic Quality-Inspection

When people hear about robots in the factories, they might get scared thinking of how technology can surpass human efforts. However, with the robotic-quality inspection, you can be sure that there will be only benefits. When a plastic part is manufactured, someone needs to review the process and check for any errors. If they see any errors, they are responsible for reporting the same to the supervisors so that the machines can get a thorough inspection and get re-adjusted, if needed. In this case, the defective plastic part cannot be used, and it needs to be thrown away. When humans are in charge of supervision, there is a high chance of error occurrence, mainly due to petty issues. If they do not check the faulty part, it will go out for shipping. These days, humans have been replaced by robots, ensuring that there is no error in the part production.

  • 3D Printing

3D printing is the perfect option for making customized items. Most people think that 3D printing is used only for entertainment purposes. But they are wrong. Manufacturers make many custom parts and prototypes in the injection industry, and these 3D printed materials can be later manufactured with real materials. If you need new parts or tools for your project, use a 3D printer to get the part first. You can then use the part with the real machine to manufacture the right product.

These are some major trends that are happening in the injection mold industry. However, with new technologies, coming up one can always be sure that new trends will make the industry successful. Read More

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