Two dentists performing a procedure on a patient in a clinic.

What Does It Mean To Start A Dental Clinic In India?

Dental Care In India

India’s healthcare sector offers tremendous investment opportunities, particularly in dental health. With a compound annual growth rate of 5 per cent over the last five years, India is now the largest country market for dental products and materials. Here is an inside look at India’s dental product and job market from the best dental hospital in Gowrivakkam. Find out more here.

India – The Biggest Dental Market

The Indian dental market is estimated to be $2 billion, with a 20 per cent growth rate. India’s rapidly expanding dental market has led to many multinational corporations establishing offices in the country. India imports many dental products and is a manufacturing hub for supplying dental products to developing countries.

While dentists in India are rapidly adopting automation, the cost of automation is high. The new medical device regulations will hopefully lower the cost of automation for dentists and patients.

Running A Dental Clinic In India

With approximately 1,80,000 registered dental graduates in India, only 80,000 are actively practising dentistry. The major reason for this is attributed to the lack of suitable opportunities in the hospitals. This has led many dentists to establish their private practices. Dentists should invest in their practices and consider themselves fortunate to have found work because new graduates find it difficult to find jobs.

However, the price war among dentists is a significant impediment to the advancement of Indian dentistry. In Indian dentistry, it is common to disparage fellow dentists without any basis. Patients’ experiences also play a significant role in determining the type of dentists portray themselves to be. Patients will disparage their fellow dentists to gain financial benefit.

One of the biggest advancements in Indian dentistry is the larger demand for dental technicians. As the new trends in dentistry are well-accepted by the patients, the demands for expertise also rise. However, the cost of the new technologies and training for these dentists is still a challenge. Younger dentists will be able to absorb and apply these techniques more effectively.

Following are a few insights shared by a top dentist running the best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam about the future of Indian dentistry, current dental care provisions, and new techniques, including automation.

A lady dentist performing a procedure on a patient in her clinic.

Future of Indian Dental Industry

Dentists can play a significant role in improving public health in India by raising awareness of oral health issues at the grassroots level of our country. Every dentist should actively participate in social gatherings and address the crowds to increase awareness of their dental practice and motivate people to maintain good oral health.

When there are many dentists in an urban area, it is critical to establish a name and presence among the general population. Every dental practice needs to attract new patients each week or month. Dental practices must adapt to the changing marketing landscape and use both offline and online marketing strategies.

Remember that a clinic’s culture is important to high-quality dental services. Dental clinics that fail to engage with their clients will eventually fail. Our practices should evolve to include more advanced and user-friendly equipment. Dentists in India need to revisit their patient protocols and consider using technology to reduce waiting time and increase precision in their procedures. Dental clinics should try to retain their existing customers by building relationships and establishing trust.

Dentists in India are using the price wars to gain more patients, but this is not helping the future of dentistry. The group practise model is the future of dentistry, regardless of the setting. New dental graduates can begin their careers with a practice already established. Dentists must strive to correct the flaws in our current ecosystem.

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