Philips Spots Double-Digit Growth Opportunities In India

India, one among the top five market leaders in the global economy is predicted to rise soon to grab the third rank! The global CEO of Philips lightings, Eric Rondolat, was spotted raving about how India can achieve a double-digit growth soon. He goes on to say that even though the overall economy might seem to be a tough place to grow a business, India defies odds to bring together positive and disruptive changes in the economy. It includes factors like GST which caused great impacts on the sales of Philips products in India. But, these changes are estimated to usher in greater benefits in the future.

In a recent interview, Eric Randolot said that India had established itself as the base for many of the global activities the company had done and is planning to do. He said that the Indian customers had received the company with open arms and open hearts. The Li-Fi technology used to manufacture the products is accepted with great enthusiasm by the Indian markets. It makes use of light for the transmission of data at an increased level of security and speed than the popularly used mode Wi-Fi.

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