Samsung Is Making Waves Of Change With The Largest Manufacturing Plant In India!

With Samsung, you can always expect something new! And this time around they are making the heads turn by opening the largest ever manufacturing plant in India. Samsung, though based in South Korea undoubtedly has a huge fan following in India too. The sprawling thirty-five-acre manufacturing unit was unveiled to the public last Monday by the honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the President of South Korea, Moon Jae.

Samsung already manufactures about 67 million smartphones. Now, with the introduction of this new manufacturing plant, their manufacturing capacity is expected to shoot up to reach 120 million pieces of mobile devices. India comes in the top five smartphone markets of Samsung in the global arena. The US has touched saturation levels and Brazil as well as Korea is not growing as fast as the Indian economy. Hence, India poses the greatest growth opportunity with 2 G feature phones growing in demand. So, it makes sense why Samsung wants to establish a manufacturing unit and seize the opportunity to develop and establish in India. Samsung is looking forward to capturing the markets and build an entire ecosystem in India.

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