Predicting Agricultural Sector’s Growth In India 2018-2019

India is the top producer of organic food products, and it stands in the ninth position in owning organic agricultural land. There is a decrease in the coffee export rate. Indigo and Mahyco grow initiated a venture named Grow indigo. The venture would be of great benefit to the farmers, and this would help to improve their production in farming thereby increasing their profit. The indigo company makes use of its latest natural technology for enhancing the growth of the crops. The joint venture would be able to manage the drought and extreme heat conditions. The Solvent Extractors Association states that there is a decline in the export of groundnut oil during the year 2018-2019. KFC has hit the market with its profit for the consecutive seven quarters.

Kiranas a neighbourhood household store is winning big than supermarkets and online stores. Eschew a start-up company has introduced a breakfast cereal. This ragi based cereal product is a great hit, and this has frustrated the breakfast cereals giants Kelloggs. The cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the funds of Rs 7,522 cr for the fisheries sector. Precision farming can improve the productivity of Indian agriculture.

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