The Plant Village Develops AI Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology of the digital era. It is used in various sectors like agriculture, medicine and lot more. It is used for identifying patterns and predicting things. This would be of great use for farmers, and this would create a significant impact on Indian farming. Penn state university has started with a project named plant village. The primary objective of the project is to make use of artificial intelligence for agriculture even on a smaller scale. Scientists are working hard so that they can make use of AI for the farming requirements. They have started their research with the hearty crop named cassava as the plant can survive even in massive drought and extreme climatic conditions. The major problem that the farmers face in cultivating cassava is the attacks of pests. Artificial intelligence can prevent the pest attacks and increase the yield by 40 percent.
The Plant Village has developed a simple AI assistant, and it is called Nuru. Just with a wave of your smartphone on the crops, you can diagnose the common diseases of the plants, and it would also offer your suggestions on the treatments that can combat the pest attacks. It is possible to use this technology even in rural areas as the application can be downloaded in the mobile phone and you do not require wireless access for the same.

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